Monthly Club Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Archives of Major Taylor Chicago! This dedicated space on our website serves as a treasure trove of our club’s journey, featuring a comprehensive collection of past monthly presentations and meeting minutes. Whether you’re a long-standing member seeking to revisit our shared memories and decisions or a new friend curious about the path we’ve traveled, these documents offer a window into the heart and soul of our community. Dive into the records below to uncover the milestones, discussions, and insights that have shaped us into the vibrant club we are today.


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Thank you for exploring our club’s archives. We hope this journey through our past presentations and meeting minutes has provided you with a deeper understanding of Major Taylor Chicago’s legacy and our ongoing commitment to fostering a welcoming, inclusive cycling community. As we continue to pedal forward, creating new memories and achievements, we invite you to join us at our upcoming events and meetings. Together, let’s ride into the future, inspired by the trails we’ve blazed and the connections we’ve forged along the way.