2016 Board of Directors


My Major Taylor ‘bio’ begins with my doing many sponsored rides around Chicago back in 2005-7. Several of my favorite rides were sponsored by the Chicago Bike Federation (CBF) which is now the Active Transportation Alliance (ATA). Pretty soon I moved from riding as a patron to volunteering as a course marshal.  That fateful move put me in the sights of Keith Holt, a staffer for the CBF. Keith kept haranguing me and others advocating for a bike club on the Southside of Chicago to encourage more bike supporting structure and more people to ride.  

In 2007 several of us ‘usual suspects’ on CBF rides formed an ‘interest group’ to see if there was enough interest to take the step to forming a club. It turns out there was enough interest and nine charter members put up $100 each to get the club started.

Over the past eight years I have served as Club Chair for three + years and here I am again serving.  This will be a short stint as the club continues to grow in size and service to the community and new leaders step forward.  Welcome to the new leadership and let’s keep rolling with soul.


Originally from Lusaka, Zambia, Mulubwa first became interested in cycling as a teenager in West Philadelphia. One of the annual highlights of early summer was going to see the CoreStates USPRO Championships where he became inspired by the spectacle of world-class cycling professionals.

During college, Mulubwa bought a nicer bicycle for both sport and transportation. His Mangusta 7000 served him well until it was ruined while stored at a friend’s apartment, thus ending his biking for a time.

Mulubwa’s educational and professional background is in finance and over the years he has worked in community development and  for large corporate organizations. Since 2007, his position at a leading bicycle component company in Chicago has given him a renewed interest in cycling, including commuting, recreational riding, training and competing in cyclocross races. One of his favorite bicycles is the Co-Motion tandem he and his wife Welu share.

Mulubwa and Welu have both been members of Major Taylor Chicago since 2011, and enjoy the camaraderie and great spirit of the members. 


Angela woke up one day in 2009 and decided she wanted to do the MS 150. After years of taking spin class and her instruction (Austin) saying stop being a wimp and get a real bike a decision was made. She bought a bike and signed up for CompuTrainer classes with Infinity Multi-Sport and in 2010 completed the Bike MS 150 and raised more than $3,000 for MS. From there the journey began. She also completed the Chicago AIDS ride twice (a two-day 200 mile-ride) and since that time hasn’t felt the need to do more than a metric century. Joining Major Taylor in 2010, Angela has been a supporter of MTC3 and held numerous offices and been a consistent rider. She was born and raised in Seattle, WA and is a graduate of Jackson State University and University of New Orleans. As a certified Urban Planner and affordable housing developer she believes viewing a city from a bike has helped her professional understanding of how cities and neighborhoods work as well as how to better connect people and places. 


Jason is an active rider and serves the needs of riders through education, participation, and advocacy.  Since he began his journey to cycling fitness and social has started riding in 2013 has participated in a multitude MTC3 rides and events.  Jason’s goals are to share the sport of cycling with everyone and more generally to support others attain a healthy lifestyle by their definition.

Jason brings more than 11 years of advisory experience on corporate management, risk management, strategic planning, leadership and organizational development to Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago’s Board of Directors. Jason is Chief Operating Officer for Carousel Checks Inc., a privately held entity that prints secure documents for financial institutions. Jason firmly believes that passionate people choosing to collaborate and serve for the common good can make the changes in our society that are beneficial and long-lasting.

His position on the Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago is his first official board assignment. In the past, he has assisted the club with board development and strategic planning support. Jason is looking forward to engaging members of the cycling community to ensure MTC3 meets their sporting needs.  He aims to assist members and friends of the club with the opportunity to strengthen their minds, bodies and character through the sport of cycling. To build healthy, active cycling lifestyles and relationships that will last a lifetime.





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