Bicycle Transportation Trailer

Hi, this is Jason Ward, This page is undergoing some serious editing so please be patient as I work to include many more details about this project’s history, current state, and future.

How to simplify bicycle transportation for out-of-town bikations?

Invest in a dedicated trailer with efficient loading features, secure bikes effectively, organize accessories, implement a labeling system, establish a maintenance schedule, educate users, and ensure legal compliance. Continuously gather feedback for improvements, creating a smoother and more convenient experience for our club members.

Invest in a dedicated trailer

The Major Taylor Chicago Cycling Club Chicago proudly presents its versatile and efficient bicycle transportation trailer. Designed with the needs of our members, avid cyclists, in mind. Our club’s trailer is a game-changer for individuals and groups looking to transport bikes to events, races, and adventures with ease. Our purpose? Simplify bike transportation for members during out-of-town bikations.

Measuring 16 feet long and 8 feet wide, our dual axle trailer boasts a sturdy construction that can accommodate 30+ bicycles securely. Crafted with high-quality materials, it offers a substantial weight capacity while remaining lightweight for towing convenience. Any vehicle with a 7-pin trailer connector, brake controller, and at least a 3,500 lb towing capacity can pull this trailer. Typically a large SUV or 1/2 ton pickup will suffice.

How to build a bicycle transportation trailer?

Mount all bikes securely using quick-release or thru-axle fork mounts in a staggered pattern. This is how you increase the density/capacity of bikes to carry.

We need a way to mount fork mounts to the walls of the trailer. We decided on a rail system that still allowed us lateral movement in case we needed to make adjustments on the fly.

Carpet the inside for traction, cleanliness, and safety.

What sets our trailer apart is its thoughtful design and practicality. It features thru-axle and quick-release fork staggered mounting, making loading and unloading bicycles a breeze. The trailer has been tested and approved by our club members, who attest to its reliability and functionality.

Optimize Loading and Unloading

We operate the trailer with a well-trained loading and unloading crew. This is to ensure all bikes are mounted securely for the safety of the operators, that bike, and all bikes around it. While we do not designate a bike to a position in the trailer many bikes are usually loaded in approximately the same spot. Bikes loaded near the exits of the trailer are usually riders riding all days of a multiday event while bikes in the center (hard to get to) are unloaded typically when we completely unload the trailer.

Our club owns several collapsable bike event stands that we rely on staging the bikes on while waiting for their owners to claim them at the beginning of a ride. When our members are done riding for the day they will return their bikes to the bike event stands to be loaded on the trailer by our operators.

Our trailer not only transports bikes but a bunch of accessories also such as:

  • Canopies
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Major Taylor Apparel for sale
  • Bike Event Stands
  • Bike Repair Stands
  • Trailer Maintenance Toolbox
  • Bike Repair Toolbox
  • First-aid Kit
  • Grill
  • Coolers
  • Banners/Flags
  • Rugs

Organize Accessories

Maintain the Trailer

Gather Feedback

How to build a bicycle transportation trailer?

Waivers Required

A Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Transportation Agreement is required to be signed and on file with the club for each instance of bike transport.

Current Situation

In December 2019, MTC3 invested in a dedicated bike transportation trailer. We purchased a black 2020 Cargo Mate EHW716TA2 dual axle trailer, totaling $5,730.56 after fees and taxes.

This trailer came equipped with a few options such as a rear ramp door, 24″ Aluminum Tread Plate Stoneguard, (1) Dome Light (Total of 2), (1) 12 V Switch for Domes, (1) Pair Stabilizer Jacks, and (4) Surface Mount D-Rings.

The curb weight is 2,100 lbs and the hitch weight is 216 lbs. The GVWR is 7,000 lbs which makes the payload capacity a whopping 4,900 lbs.

Electric brakes

Designed to accommodate up to 28 bikes, it simplifies transportation. Each bike is secured with the front wheel removed and hung by the front fork, while the wheel is safely stowed in a wheel bag alongside the bike.

E-Series trailer is an 8’ x 16’ Tandem axle model. It features an 18″ front wedge for extra storage space and easier towing. This 8-foot-wide model offers a capacity of 4,900 lb. Instead of the double Barn doors which is a standard rear door for the E-Series, we went with the optional ramp door for its ease of use and safety features.


How much does the trailer cost?

The current spend for the trailer, outfitting, and wrap is approximately $11,000.

How did you afford to buy the trailer and outfit it?

The short answer is that we did it in stages.

Where does the trailer live when not in use?

The trailer lives in an undisclosed location in a private storage lot with privacy fencing and a gate. When the trailer is not in use only the canopies may be stored inside.

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