2024 Board of Directors

2024 Board of Directors

  • Jason Ward, President
  • Shawn Conley, Vice President
  • Michael Wiggins, Club Captain
  • Sasha Marie Henderson, Club Secretary
  • Michael Bradley, Treasurer
  • Patrice Harris, Membership Manager
  • James Davis, Events Manager
  • DR. Ed Dixon, Advocacy

Jason Ward, President 2019-present

Jason is an active rider and serves the needs of riders through education, participation, and advocacy.  Since he began his journey in 2013 to cycling fitness he has participated in a multitude MTC3 rides and events.  Jason’s goals are to share the sport of cycling with everyone and more generally to support others to attain a healthy lifestyle by their definition.

Jason brings more than 16 years of advisory experience on corporate management, risk management, strategic planning, leadership and organizational development to Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago’s Board of Directors. Jason is the Chief Operating Officer for Carousel Checks Inc., a privately held entity that prints secure documents for financial institutions. Jason firmly believes that passionate people choosing to collaborate and serve for the common good can make the changes in our society that are beneficial and long-lasting.

This is Jason’s fourth (4th) consecutive year serving in the role of President of the club since 2019. His position on the Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago is his second official board assignment. In 2016-2017 her served as the club Secretary. Jason has also assisted the club with board development and strategic planning support. Jason is looking forward to engaging members of the cycling community to ensure MTC3 meets their sporting needs.  He aims to assist members and friends of the club with the opportunity to strengthen their minds, bodies and character through the sport of cycling to build healthy, active cycling lifestyles and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Shawn Conley, Vice President

Shawn A. Conley is a Chicago native who is a graduate of Holy Angels Elementary School, St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School, and Louisiana State University. Shawn began cycling in 2009 in an effort to get back in shape on his 1988 Schwinn Sprint. He was asked by his neighbor to ride with Smokin’ Spokes, a local cycling club on the southside of Chicago. On that 50 mile ride, Shawn was dropped on a climb, and vowed that it would never happen again. So, Shawn purchased a 2010 Trek Madone, and began riding. Shawn claims that he has never been dropped on a climb on a Smokin’ Spokes ride since. After riding with Smokin’ Spokes exclusively for a couple of seasons, Shawn began to ride with other clubs in the area. He was introduced to MTC3 on the Victory Ride in 2011. Shawn officially became a member of the club soon after, and even began leading rides.

In 2013, Shawn was asked to consider becoming leader of MTC3 because the then-chairman had moved to Texas. Shawn accepted the challenge and began leading our fine club as of January 1, 2014. As chairman of the club, Shawn focused on growing the club, establishing and nurturing relationships with our cycling partners, and oversaw the design of our current logo.

Now, Shawn functions as our Club Captain. He is passionate about riding and loves the camaraderie of group cycling. Additionally, he travels several times per year to cycling events around the country. And, he looks forward to continuing to serve the members of our great club!

Mike Wiggins, Club Captain

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Sasha Marie Henderson, Secretary

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Michael Bradley, Treasurer

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Patrice Harris, Membership Manager

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James Davis, events Manager

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DR. Ed Dixon, Advocacy

Long ago, Dr. eD Dixon was “Member #1” for the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Chicago. Back in 2005-2007 Keith Holt, the south side advocate for The Bike Federation of Chicago (now the Active Trans Alliance-ATA) was haranguing eD and several others to take the plunge and organize a Major Taylor Club to carry on the tradition and memory of this premier athlete and to advocate for cycling on Chicago’s south side. The club’s purpose was to serve as biking exemplars, advocates, recruiters into more active lifestyles, and giving back to the community. In October of 2007 eD and seven others each donated $100 as charter members of the new club. After establishing Tax ID and 501-(c) 7 status, the club began meeting around a 6 foot picnic table in an upper room at Blackstone Bicycle works. Among the club’s first expenses was membership in the Major Taylor Association in Worcester MA.

eD served as the initial Chair of the club for two years and has since held several offices, always in support of the club’s growth, health, and mission of service.

In eD’s other life he is a full professor of Management at Robert Morris University where he teaches management, computer science and college-to-career courses. eD is the freshmen mentor for incoming CPS students and the faculty adviser for the Morris Men/Women groups at the university. eD’s personal experiences in entrepreneurship, grant-writing, and non-profit management have informed his teaching philosophy and the careers of thousands of students over the past 14 years of college instruction. eD is happiest when he is facing an auditorium of graduating seniors or 10