Committee Descriptions

Ride Committee


  • Reports to the Club Captain
  • Identifies and helps develop ride leaders
  • Ensures that we have enough rides for all ability levels
  • Assists ride leaders who need help with planning rides, and ensures that all rides have been properly planned & ride invitations are accurate
  • Posts rides on the calendar
  • Helps to advertise rides via several media outlets including Facebook, the Chainlink, Twitter, etc.
  • Gathers feedback on the rides, and compiles that information. Make recommendations about changes based on this feedback as needed.

Safety Committee


  • Reports to the Club Captain
  • Works to incorporate safety into every ride
  • Promotes safety awareness through education and training to prevent accidents and injury
  • Encourages members/potential members to rejoin/join
  • Monitors and measures safety performance

Events Committee

  • Reports to the Events Manager
  • Helps to plan/coordinate events, including the Summer picnic, and works those events (should be enough members such that different members will work different events)

Membership Committee

  • Reports to the Membership Manager
  • Assists with updating the membership list
  • Email new/renewing members
  • Encourages members/potential members to rejoin/join
  • Keeps list of potential members from meetings and cycling events like bike swaps, etc. and encourage them to participate and join the club

Community Relations Committee

  • Reports to the Chairman
  • Find volunteers for immersion days at Blackstone Bikes
  • Organizes rides and activities with churches, schools, park districts, senior living communities, community organizations, etc.
  • Understands that these activities include inexperienced cyclists so ENSURE that these events are conducted SAFELY

Cycling Advocacy Committee

  • Reports to the Chairman
  • Attends MBAC, Active Trans, etc advocacy meetings
  • Collaborates with Slow Roll, Chicago Cycling Club, Friends of the Major Taylor Trail, Bronzeville Bikes, etc. for the purposes of having a unified voice for cycling
  • Long-term goals – Have at least 1 member of this committee to attend the Illinois Bike Summit and the National Bike Summit. (Both events require a commitment of time and money from the member. I think the club should cover the member’s registration fee if the member will represent us there.)

Digital Communications Committee

  • Reports to the Secretary
  • Updates our website with current content
  • Updates the Member of the Month
  • Updates our Facebook content
  • Posts content on our Twitter & Instagram accounts
  • Politely encourages posters in our Facebook group to remain respectful and keep the content generally about cycling (some exceptions are inviting members to events like Chuck Webb does when he performs)
  • Blog – This committee would be charged with ensuring that we have current content and policing that content.

Victory Ride Committee

  • Reports to the Club Captain
  • Picks a date, plans the route, and plans the stops for the ride
  • Organizes volunteers to work the SAG support (rest stops and drivers)
  • Gets mechanics to agree to work event from our partners
  • Helps develop economic model for the event to be successful
  • Sell t-shirts, how much should we charge, secure sponsors
  • Ultimate goal is to grow the ride from a club ride to an invitational like the North Shore Century or Lorie’s Lakeside Century.
  • Committee members should understand that the Long-term goal is to raise money and give it to charities of our choice, including Blackstone Bicycle Works
  • Long-term goal – make an entire weekend event out of it, including a pre-ride and a post-ride

Finance Committee

  • Reports to the Treasurer
  • Assists the treasurer in forecasting revenues and expenses
  • Helps to prepare the treasurer’s report and any other financial documents that need to be generated, including the balance sheet and income statements
  • Presents financial information at meetings in case the Treasurer is absent
  • Identifies and develops additional revenue streams for the club

Steering Committee

  • Reports to the Chairman and the Chairman in turn reports to the steering committee
  • Should be made up of longer time members who are invested in the club and are interested in seeing the club succeed, including former officers and past presidents
  • Jesse Williams is a life-time member of this committee
  • This committee functions like the President’s cabinet. The Chairman will keep this committee informed of the overall health of the club, long-term vision, growth and health of the club. Committee has the power to consult and recommend on all club strategies and long-term planning.
  • Serve as a “watchdog” ensuring that the club is functioning as it should, holding the Chairman accountable
  • The Chairman can give “special assignments” to this committee which assist in the long-term strategic direction of the club.
  • Members are appointed by the Executive Board and will serve three year terms to facilitate long-term plans and actions. Executive Board manages this committee’s members by inviting members to serve or asking members to retire who are not serving the strategic needs of the club