The Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago (MTC3) is posting rides for cyclists who may be new to cycling, new to the area, visiting Chicagoland, or are local but just do not know what roads to safely ride on.

The routes vary in length, elevation, and location, with rides starting from different areas in Chicagoland. These are some of our favorite routes in the area and will give the visiting rider a sample of the many amazing roads we have to choose from. Many of us travel to other cities and look for cycling clubs, scheduled rides, and safe cycling routes in other cities. We at the MTC3 want to make it easy for riders to enjoy the great cycling we have in Chicagoland.

Chicgoland is mostly flat but remember they call us the “Windy City” for a reason!

Victory Ride Route #1

This ride starts at the Dan Ryan Woods near 87th and Western. The turn around is at Monee Resoervoir almost straight south and back.