Ride Classifications

A ride must be defined as a Club Ride to be eligible for coverage by our policy by 3 criteria.

  1. Must be on the official MTC3 club calendar
  2. Must be led by a MTC3 Ride Leader
  3. Must be free of charge

The ride leader guidelines are applicable to all official club rides.

Type of Rides

Calendar Rides

Rides with an announced ride leader that are posted on the calendar 1 week in advance.
Calendar Rides can be scheduled by any club member with at least 1 weeks advance notice.

Show and Go’s

Whoever shows up at the ride will set the pace, distance and destination. One member must plan to be present to post this ride.

Pop-up Rides

Rides that are announced on majortaylor_bikechicago@yahoogroups.com email Listserv but are not on the calendar and are not MTC3 Club Rides. These rides will typically include rides organized under 1 week in advance. Pop-up Rides can be announced by any club member with at least two hours’ advance notice via the email listserv.

Classifications of Rides: (Guidelines for planning purposes, not absolute rules)