Partners and Sponsors

Major Taylor Chicago Partners and Sponsors

Major Taylor Chicago Cycling Club is a community-minded organization that seeks to bring awareness about our namesake as well as the health benefits of cycling to all. You can join us in this mission by becoming a Major Taylor Chicago Partner.

Partnership Benefits Can Include:

  • Exposure to a wide and engaged audience of cyclists and enthusiasts through club events, rides, and promotional materials.
  • Opportunities to include their branding in club newsletters, social media posts, and event promotions.
  • Announcements at Major Taylor Chicago rides and events.
  • Logo visibility on Major Taylor Chicago apparel and store items.
  • Placement of logos and branding on club merchandise, such as jerseys, water bottles, or banners.
  • Public acknowledgment of their support during club meetings, events, and on the club’s website.
  • Aligning with a club’s charitable initiatives or fundraising efforts.

Get in Touch

E-mail us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Our Proud Partners and Sponsors

We are proud to have like-minded individuals and organizations as our partners and sponsors who share our passion for cycling and community wellness. Their support helps us continue our mission and promote cycling in Chicago.


We are thrilled to have SRAM as one of our esteemed partners and sponsors here at Major Taylor Chicago Cycling Club. SRAM, a renowned name in the cycling industry, has not only shared our passion for cycling but has also generously supported our mission to promote cycling awareness and health benefits. You can spot the SRAM logo proudly displayed on our club jerseys, showcasing their commitment to our cycling community. This partnership with SRAM exemplifies the collaborative spirit of our club and our shared dedication to enhancing the cycling experience for all. We deeply appreciate SRAM’s support and look forward to further strengthening our partnership.