MTC3 on Zwift

Zwift has been instrumental in keeping US moving especially in the off-season. Moving through 2024 is no different. Join us for some virtual miles and fellowship. We are humbled by the consistent turnout of our members, friends, and family that supported our rides. MTC3 has been Zwifting since 2018 with a full range of group rides offered.

Zwift Season Spring 2024

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It’s still early and we are looking for ride leaders. This season we have expanded to riding on Zwift daily in the am and pm and hope to add more Zwift rides as the cold weather continues. Always check this page for the latest information as events may be added or removed last minute. This page is a listing of the seasonal standing weekly rides.

How to get connected

First, I would suggest joining the Major Taylor Chicago Club on Zwift. If you view our club through the Zwift Companion app you will see a chat feature. Many of our members post their rides there also.

Sunrise Cyclists Unite

Welcome to our invigorating winter cycling adventure! With the latest Zwift Companion app update, we’re thrilled to introduce daily rides that redefine unity and inclusivity. These rides, hosted by the Major Taylor Chicago club on Zwift, are designed to bring cyclists of all levels together. Find Major Taylor Chicago Club on Zwift. Thanks to the ‘Keep Everyone Together‘ feature, we’ll pedal side by side, ensuring no one is left behind. Our daily rides start at 6 am, but you have a 30-minute window to join. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer to sleep in, these rides offer flexibility. Weekdays feature 1-hour rides, while weekends provide longer journeys where you can hop on and off as you please. As the week progresses, the rides become more challenging, culminating in weekend adventures. Each day offers a different experience, from easy flat routes to tackling hills and pursuing route achievements. We value your input and invite you to share your ride suggestions and ideas in our Facebook Group. To enhance the ride experience, we use Discord for real-time audio conversations, fostering connections among riders. In these uncertain times, cycling brings solace and inspiration, and we encourage you to join us on Zwift, starting January 1st, to create unforgettable winter cycling memories together. So, dust off your indoor trainer, grab your water bottle, and let’s conquer the miles, beat the chill, and warm our hearts with camaraderie. Join us, and let’s ride with soul.


Before the ride starts please change to the “Basic 5” kit. It has our club colors of black and red and looks dope when we ride in a pack. Have you seen the screenshots? Used to get this kit at level 3. Very accessible. Around Feb 2019 Zwift changed it to level 12. Not as accessible but doable. For more info (XP, LEVELS, AND UNLOCKS IN ZWIFT RIDE)


Stay Connected

To make our rides even more enjoyable, we’ll be using Discord for audio conversations during our sessions. It’s a chance to chat, ask questions, and connect with fellow riders. Join us at Discord Link.


Here is an article about how to get started with Zwift.

Disclaimer: The Zwift ride series is a work in progress and will be modified as needed for our organization. All suggestions are welcome.