2023 MTC3 Official Club Kit


Discover the essence of cycling excellence with the 2023 MTC3 OFFICIAL CLUB KIT. Designed exclusively for members of our club, Major Taylor Chicago, this kit represents the epitome of style, performance, and unity on the road.

Explore the Kit Components:

2023 MTC3 Custom Cycling Jersey

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a weekend warrior, the 2023 MTC3 Custom Cycling Jersey is your ultimate companion on the road.

2023 MTC3 Cycling Cap

Elevate your cycling experience with the MTC3 Cycling Cap, exclusively tailored for members of our esteemed club, Major Taylor Chicago.

Made to Order:

These products are crafted to your specifications by our trusted vendor, Jakroo. To customize and complete your purchase, simply click the button “Buy on Jakroo” on the product page. You’ll be directed to our team store at Jakroo, where you can personalize your order to perfection.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of cycling, community, and excellence with the 2023 MTC3 OFFICIAL CLUB KIT. Each component is made to order, ensuring you receive gear that’s as unique as your dedication to the sport.

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